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Day of the Tentacle – The Return of a Classic


When I saw that Day of the Tentacle was going to be Double Fine’s next point and click remaster project, I was excited and intrigued. Their last remaster, Grim Fandango, ended up being my all-timeĀ favorite game. Naturally, I had high hopes for the game. While it hasn’t taken the top spot on my list of favorite games, it certainly brought back some great point and click nostalgia. Continue reading


Grim Fandango – Point-and-Click Greatness


Over this past weekend, I played and finished Grim Fandango Remastered. It was the first point-and-click adventure game that I’d played in a very long time, and it absolutely did not disappoint. Even though this was my first time playing the game, it felt nostalgic. I’m still thinking back on the story and characters. I’m even considering replaying. I’ve been hooked on point-and-click games all over again. Continue reading