Weekend Reading 7-10-15

Ben Kuchera of Polygon takes a pretty humorous look at how Batman does in fact kill people. Batman Kills People.

Speaking of Batman, Gita Jackson writes about the disconnect between the Batman of comics and the Batman of video games over at Paste Magazine. Why This Lifelong Batman Fan Doesn’t Like The Arkham Games.

Over at Kotaku, Patrick Klepek dissects accusations of plagiarism within the Dark Souls lore community. It’s really fascinating. Plagiarism Accusations Shake Up Dark Souls Community.

Richard Cobbett posted an article at Rock Paper Shotgun discussing the evolution of RPG and Adventure games. He discusses how one has aged better than the other. The RPG Scrollbars: RPG Vs. Adventure.

Coming back full circle to Polygon, Ben Kuchera asks, Is It Ever OK To Hate A Game?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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