The Adventures of Old Edna – It’s Better Alone

The Blood Starved Beast

Over the past day and a half I have been slowly becoming one with my couch. I’m pretty sure I’ve had strep throat. It’s been a time filled with airborne, cough drops, hot tea with honey, and Bloodborne. During that time playing the game, I made my way through all of Old Yharnam and took down its boss, the Blood Starved Beast. This boss fight took only one try and was highly underwhelming.

It seems like I’ve spent a large amount of time in Old Yharnam. I’m sure that has to do with the fact that I’ve played so much lately and all mostly in that area. It’s not an easy area. I died countless times thanks to the gatling gun hunter on top of the tower. I now know where every enemy is placed, and I’ve opened all the shortcuts. After so much time spent cleaning up the entire level, I was really looking forward to the boss fight. The souls games are known for their difficult boss fights, and it’s something I love and hate. (You can read what I think about boss fights here actually). I figured with the amount of times I had died in Old Yharnam, and the difficulty of the area in general, this was going to be an intense fight. I was so wrong.

Right before the boss fight, I was checking the area for any items. I noticed that there was a note on the ground that read something along the lines of “Ring the bell for assistance”. At the beginning of the game you’re given three bells. One summons another player to your world for assistance, one allows you to go to another player’s world to help them, and one allows you to go to another player’s world to fight them. I’ve been playing the game offline, and I was curious what would happen if I used the summoning bell. I rang it, waited for a moment, and then Alfred, an NPC (non playable character if you didn’t know), showed up. Earlier in the game I had agreed to help him hunt down monsters, so apparently we were buddies now.

He followed me into the boss fight and that’s where things went downhill. I don’t mean to say that the fight went poorly for us, we won in about two minutes. It’s just that it wasn’t any fun. The problem was that the game seems to be designed with only one player in mind. While Alfred was distracting the boss, I would run up behind and deal massive damage. I don’t think the Beast ever even got a hit on me. There was no tension during the fight and there was certainly no feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Between the boss’ poison attacks and quick movements, I imagine that this is normally a difficult fight. It’s just not the fight that I had. I’m not saying that I wanted to necessarily lose to it a bunch of times, but I did miss out on a rewarding fight. It’s always fun to learn the moves of a boss and finally have that perfect run where you take them down after having lost so many times. Adding in another character broke that dynamic and left me feeling more like I had used a cheat code instead of actually winning the fight.

Now, if you are having a difficult time with a boss in Bloodborne, then by all means summon someone in to help. There’s no point getting stuck at one point of the game and not being able to experience the rest of it. I just wish I had fought the boss once or twice on my own so that I could have judged if I needed or wanted help with it. I’ve only defeated three bosses so far, and I imagine that there are many more to come. I’ll probably end up summoning for one or more of them in the future.

There’s a lot left for Old Edna to discover, and I have been absolutely loving the game so far. The enemy designs, the bosses, the lore, and the architecture are all incredible. If you missed out on the game when it first came out like I did, be sure to go back and check it out. It has a reputation for being difficult, and it is, but it also does a good job of fairly slowly ramping of the difficulty. If you do start playing, remember to try all the boss fights alone. It’ll be a lot more rewarding when you finally take them down.

As of now, I’ve made it through all of Central Yharnam and Old Yharnam having taken down the bosses in both. I made my way through all of the Healing Church Workshop and finally opened up the remaining section of the Cathedral Ward. If you’d like to see what comes next for Old Edna, I’ll probably be streaming some more later this week. I always tweet when I start streaming so be sure to follow me. If you miss the stream, I’ll put it up on YouTube and post it here. Thanks for reading and check back for The Continued Adventures of Old Edna. If you’d like, pick up Bloodborne and begin the hunt as well.

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