Weekend Reading 6-19-15

Weekend Reading

I’ve decided to start a little segment where every Friday I recommend some articles that I think are pretty cool. You can save them now and read them throughout the weekend. There’s a lot of great video game writing that doesn’t show up on large sites (and some that does) so hopefully you’ll be able to find something here that peaks your interest. These won’t be long segments, just quick descriptions of the articles. If you find an article you think is cool, tweet it to me @jakecrump. You can also e-mail me at dweebjar@gmail.com. Here you go.

With E3 going on, we’re seeing a lot of great demos for games. There’s a really interesting backstory with how E3 demos get put together. Patrick Klepek writes about it here.

Austin Walker wrote a great piece about why video game critics write, and what they hope to accomplish by writing. He also responds to false reasons for why people write about video games. Definitely check it out here.

Lastly, check out this article by Olivier Bouchard on Grim Fandango. If you’ve read my articles, you probably know how much I love that game. It’s fantastic. It’s a great article about the feeling of nostalgia that games can evoke. Even ones we haven’t played before.


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