Recommended App: Pocket


I check Twitter all day long. It’s the most used app on my phone followed closely by the app I use for podcasts; however, I don’t use Twitter like most people do. I follow only a small number of friends and family. I use it mostly as a personalized tech/games news feed. I follow all of my favorite websites and browse through the articles they post during the day. I’ve found that this is the easiest way for me to stay up on all the news and articles I want to read. The only problem is, I don’t always have time to read a full article when I’m browsing. This is where Pocket comes in.

Pocket is a free iOS and Android app that lets you save articles in a stripped down format that you can read later at your convenience. It pulls out all of the ads, banners, and general “fluff” from websites. I’ve actually found myself sending articles to Pocket just to immediately read them in a cleaner view. You’ll still see all the pictures and embedded videos, but tables and GIFs can get a bit weird sometimes.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and set up an account, you’re free to start saving away. One tip, start tagging articles from the beginning. After using Pocket for well over a year, I was having trouble finding older articles because I never set up tags. I spent a whole afternoon going through all of my old articles and tagging them. It was a pain, but now I can easy narrow down my searches for old pages.

I also suggest installing a Pocket extension on your chosen web browser. This will add a little button next to the address bar at the top of websites that you can click to instantly send the article you’re reading to your pocket account. It even pops up a dialog box that lets you add tags before you send it. You’ll usually find extensions in the menu under something along the lines of “More Tools, Add-Ons, or Preferences”.

If you want to keep all of your favorite articles in a central location, have a place to park important articles, or just make sure you have something to read in the bathroom, give Pocket a try. It’s Dweeb approved.

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