Never Alone – A Game Built For Two

Never Alone

Last month, the game Never Alone was offered as a free download on PSN for those that have a PS Plus account. I usually download all the available games just to give them a shot, and because they’re free. I played about five minutes of this game before moving on and forgetting about it. The controls just didn’t grab me. What it was missing, was another person.

In Never Alone, you play as both the girl and fox pictured above. It’s a platforming/puzzle game that has you switching back and forth between the characters to progress the level. The only problem is, the AI sucks. After having the character I wasn’t controlling, repeatedly die in a specific early part of the game, I was done. It was just too difficult to try and control both characters.

I’m always on the hunt for games that my wife might like, but for some reason I didn’t think about this game until I noticed it still installed on the PS4 this past weekend. She loves platforming games so I thought she might like to give it a try. She enjoyed it, and was able to get past the part of the game I was stuck at, but the controls still looked rough. The AI character wouldn’t jump or dodge when they needed to and then she’d have to start over. It dawned on me that the game probably supported co-op, so I grabbed a controller. Sure enough, I took over the previously AI character, and we were off.

The game was immensely better with two people playing it. The only times that we died were as a result of our own mistakes. I can handle having to restart, because I messed up. I don’t stick with a game that makes me restart due to its own faults. This game had clearly been designed for two players. Once we got to the later levels, I couldn’t imagine how anyone could get through it by themselves.

We ended up beating the whole game in two days, it’s pretty short. The game was a lot of fun playing together, and has gotten me to start looking into other co-op platformers. While I would never recommend playing this game by yourself, if you’ve got someone to play with, definitely give this game a shot. It’s currently $14.99 on PSN and Steam.

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